The Day After Halloween

It’s the day after Halloween!  Did you eat too many “mini” chocolate bars?  Are you bloated from all of the salt in the chips that you ate?  If you are, you’re not alone.  Lots of people give in (and that’s okay).  The right thing, NOW,  is not too panic.  Don’t feel like you have to purge or cleanse or start a crazy fad diet.
Just get back to doing the right things.
Eat in a way that supports metabolism and stable blood sugar.  Drink water, eat your vegetables and make sure that you’re eating enough protein.
Here’s an example of a day of eating for me.  You’ll, obviously, adjust based on your activity, body weight and preferences.  Essentially, I try to eat every 3 to 3 1/2 hours and consume protein with vegetables or fruit every time that I eat.  Starches sort of take care of themselves without much thought.  See if you can come up with a similar outline for yourself as a “perfect day” template!
4:35am-  Oatmeal with maple syrup, spoonful of peanut butter.  Coffee.  1 scoop of Ionix (from Isagenix) Multi vitamin/ anti-oxidant powder with water.
7:30am-  Isagenix- Isalean Chocolate Shake with 1 banana.
10:30am-  Salmon sandwich with green pepper strips on whole wheat.  Yogourt.  Green apple.  Coffee.
1:30pm-  Vegetable soup.  Homemade protein bar from Goodness Me!
5pm-  Roast chicken from the grocery store.  Whole wheat baguette with real butter.  Mixed salad with homemade olive oil dressing.  Sliced peaches.
8:30pm-  Kashi Go Lean high protein cereal with 1% milk.

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