Ernie Schramayr founded All Canadian Fitness in 1993, following a 5-year professional football career in the CFL.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Promotion from Purdue University and has also earned Certification as a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, Indoor Cycling Instructor and as a Medical Exercise Specialist.

All Canadian Fitness has been delivering professional personal training services since 1993 in a dynamic environment where people of all fitness levels thrive under professional guidance.

With our systematic approach of Phase Training, clients learn how to avoid plateaus and continually move TOWARDS their goals.
We RESCUE people that are frustrated and confused and who may have tried “everything” to look and feel better.

We believe in providing real fitness “solutions“.  We realize that people don’t necessarily want a Personal Trainer….  they want a RESULT!  We also recognize that people come to see us with a certain level of “frustration”.  Whatever they are doing just isn’t working….. or they wouldn’t be coming to see us!  We take the guesswork out of reaching your fitness goals and we make things easy to understand and easy to apply.  Getting into great shape does require effort, but, it doesn’t have to be confusing……  or boring!

Please come back often to The All Canadian Fitness “Providing Fitness Solutions” Blog for ideas that will help you to achieve life-king health and fitness.

And visit….  http://www.AllCanadianFitness.com

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