Your Attitude Determines Your Destiny

The Student Creed at my daughter’s Karate Dojo is as follows….

“I keep my thoughts positive… because my thoughts become words.

I keep my words positive… because my words become my actions.

I keep my actions positive… because my actions become my values.

I keep my values positive… because my values become my DESTINY!”


Strong stuff, eh?  Hearing it for the 1000th time the other night made me think of how valuable the words actually are.  Everything in our lives is influenced by the ATTITUDE that we adopt.  Positive people do more and enjoy more.  Here is a list of 10 things that having a positive attitude can bring you….

1-  More happiness.

2-  You feel less stress and are happier because of it.

3-  “Problems” are no longer problems, but become opportunities to grow.

4-  You see opportunities where others see dead ends.

5-  Your immune system is stonger.

6-  You achieve more and are more satisfied with what you do achieve.

7-  You expect positive outcomes and results and you usually get them.

8-  You have more energy (negativity can be very draining).

9-  You bounce back from setbacks faster.

10-  You have more perseverance since you expect things to turn out well in the end.  Because of that, they usually do.


If you just aren’t a very positive person, but you recognize the value of being one, here are 3 Attitude Adjustment Strategies you can use to change your state immediately.


1-  Smile and stand up straight!  Just as your emotions can change your physical body (ie:  when you are depressed you slouch, move slower and breathe more shallow), your physical body can change your emotions.  In other words, Fake It.  It is very hard to be sad and depressed when you’re smiling and standing tall.



2-  Use Questions to guide your thoughts.  Ask yourself these questions…. What is GREAT about this situation?  What am I happy about?  What am I grateful for? …and what EXCITES me?

Your mind will send you the answers in the form of thoughts.  Remember the creed…. your thoughts become ultimately become your destiny!



3-  Assume an, almost child-like, trust in the goodness of people and things around you.  If your waitress brings you the wrong order…. smile.  She might have a sick child in the hospital or might have just gotten an eviction notice.  If somebody cuts you off in traffic, breathe…. they might be rushing to the ER to be with their spouse.  If your customer service person is hard to understand, speak more slowly and think of them as your friend…. they are just another human being trying to make a living and this is your opportunity to help them and to make a difference!

In other words, don’t take on more burdens then you already have.  Remember the big picture and what is really important to you.  In the end, everything else is just small stuff.



Attitude Adjustment Strategy BONUS No. 4….   Imagine that you are Indiana Jones!  EVERYTHING in your life is simply “part of the Adventure”.  I am the child of immigrant parents whose childhood years were lived through World War 2.  By night, they were bombed by the allies and by day, their lives were dominated by the Nazis.  After that, NOTHING seems so bad.  They’ve taught us to live our lives with extreme gratitude.  Be thankful, be respectful, treat others how you want to be treated and enjoy the adventure.

Ernie Schramayr 

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