If You Don’t Change Direction, You’ll End Up Where You are Heading


When someone goes to the Doctor for test results and is told that they have heart disease, they will usually ask “How did I GET heart disease?”.

Well…. you don’t “get” heart disease.  It’s not like getting a cold virus from having someone sneeze the virus onto you.  You create the environment and then nurture it over time.  For some it happens a lot sooner than others.  For a minority, it never happens.  In this regard, we’re all different.

But, for most people, if you are sedentary, you smoke, you stress about everything, you eat processed, refined foods and you don’t sleep enough… you will “get” heart disease… or diabetes… or hypertension… or gout… or SOMETHING.

Understand that you might be blessed, or cursed, with a strong constitution and/ or metabolism, YOU are the one who sets the course from there.  YOU are the creator after the fact.  You’ve got what you’ve got.

The same thing holds true for healthy, fit people that do habitual things that might harm them over time.  Too much heavy lifting over too long a period of time will usually result in arthritis, joint injury or back pain.  Again… you set the course.

Take a look at the direction that you are heading in (remember you aren’t there yet, you are just heading there).


-Will it lead you to dis-ease or injury?

-Are your daily actions supporting a healthy body, sound mind and a strong spirit?

You alone can decide to stay the course, or change directions.


Either way, you’ll end up exactly where you’re heading.

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