Mennanomics 101

           -Rich Menna–  Certified Personal Trainer/ All Canadian Fitness
In the past year as a personal trainer I have voraciously studied and researched ways to help my clients, family members and friends better themselves through health and fitness which is my passion and the reason I do what I do. At times I got frustrated because one research would say to do it this way and another fitness guru would say do it that way and so on and so on. On top of what I already knew from my past training as a boxer and the slew of other information I was reading I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out what was best. I would sometimes even lose sleep at night. That’s just my ambition and drive for perfection. However, I soon realized there is no perfect way to do anything.
In life, as in fitness it’s a struggle and essentially it is through trial and error that we find what works or what makes us happy. So what I did was I stopped analyzing what other trainers did or what certain researchers said and just took my own knowledge and common sense and made it work through trial and error to see what works for most people.
My theory is every BODY is different so what works for one person may not work for someone else.
I look at the gym as a laboratory and I do my own research and come up with my own findings and conclusions. And I guess it is working because people are seeing results and improving steadily with what I am doing with them so I must be doing something right. I call my training Mennanomics, similar to economics, with supply and demand and so forth, that’s all I really know about the subject. Anyway the goal for most people is to just get fitter and lose some weight, get leaner etc. Now SUPPLY=calories and DEMAND=exercise to use calories. For weight loss you want to burn more calories then you take in, it is quite simple, just put in the hard work until demand exceeds supply.
Obviously for other fitness goals the equation might be a little different but this what the majority of average everyday people want. Put in work, hustle and move, just do it, by any means necessary and get the results… case closed. Some trainers may beg to differ or have different opinions but in the end it’s what gets people the results in the safest and most efficient manner that counts most.

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