Reaching Beyond Your “Threshold”

Much has been said and written (including by me) about getting past fitness training “plateaus”. The concept of the plateau assumes that at one time, you were actually moving in a positive direction and that you are now…….”stuck”. It is frustrating beyond belief if you are putting in a real effort.
But what about all those people that never hit a plateau because they never actually get moving! You won’t run out of gas if you never drive your car!……………you’ll also never see anything or enjoy your car either if you never drive it.
Health and fitness, along with diet and exercise, comes naturally to some and is very, very alien to others. If it all seems scary and unnerving to you to even make an attempt, then I would suggest that you have set your sights too high and you have passed your “threshold” for risk. Once you pass your threshold, you literally shut down and close yourself off even to the possibility that you can do something. Then the excuses and rationalizing start! Sound familiar?
I was a professional athlete and have remained in good health and have a high fitness level since retiring from football.  I am active with mountain biking, hockey, running, weight training etc…
In other words, I can do a lot!
BUT if you approached me with the idea of completing a marathon (which many of my friends have done), I would be overwhelmed and would shut down. Based on my lifestyle, previous injuries and my expectations, it is simply beyond my threshold. I wouldn’t do it. If you approached me with the idea of completing a mini run-bike- run duathlon….. I would create a plan and start moving. It is well within my physical and mental capacity to accept training and competing in a mini- duathlon. I would rock it and even try to win my age and weight category! It would be challenging enough, but, not outside of my threshold.
What could YOU accomplish if your mind and body were aligned to accept a challenge and you started to move in the direction of a dream-goal?
A race? A tournament? A hiking trip in the Rockies? A bathing suit on the beach? A new relationship?…..

Think about it. There is overwhelm and frustration and then there is challenge and success.
Ernie Schramayr–  Owner All Canadian Fitness

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