Less is More

If you followed my blog post of a few weeks ago, you read about how a life full of contact sports, aggressive hobbies and fitness training has left me in pain much of the time.  I wondered, out loud, if it were better to Burn Out… or Fade Away!  …as if these were the only two options!

Over the last few months, I have been coping with back pain that brings on intermittent sciatica as well as a pulled hamstring and a torn rotator cuff.  The more I seemed to do, the worse things got.  I made plans, worked hard, did “active” recovery, got accupuncture, physio, trained in the water, took anti- inflammatories etc….. etc…. etc…..

….and then I got a really bad cold!  It hurt to breathe and I was dizzy and…. and…. and…..

My first thought was, “How could I get a cold NOW when the rest of my body hurts so much?… What did I do to deserve THIS?…. Why Me?“….  basically I asked myself a bunch of questions like a loser would!  If you read the last blog on this page, you’ll know what I mean by “loser”.


I felt so shitty that I couldn’t do ANYTHING.  Except lie around.  And sleep.  And lie around.  And sleep.  …and then nap!

And then a funny thing happened.

I noticed that my back didn’t hurt so much.  I tested my hamstring (a tiny bit).  It didn’t hurt either.  And my shoulder felt a bit better.

…and then I noticed that my back didn’t really hurt at all any more.  …or my hamstring!  …my shoulder is still a bit sore from all of the sleeping and lying around, but, it IS torn after all (I’ll get to it later).


Wow.  Could it be that I really just needed to let my body rest and heal itself?  Maybe.  I don’t think that I have gone as much as 12 straight days without a workout since I was 13 years old, and I am 45.  That’s a lot of working out.  And pounding.

So… I am starting to come out of this nasty chest cold and just starting to feel better.  I’ve decided to give myself another 2 or 3 days before getting back on the training track.  (With the All Canadian Fitness Train the Trainer event coming up in less than a month, I need to get some conditioning back).

I am hopeful that with a plan, I’ll be able to move forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm and that I’ll be able to get back to feeling like myself in no time.

I guess that sometimes you have to listen to your body and realize that… “Less is actually MORE!”.

-Ernie Schramayr-  Owner All Canadian Fitness

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